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Carter-Dal Moisture Sensitive Marble Fix 40/10

Carter-Dal 40/10

Fast Track Fix For Moisture Sensitive Green Marble 40/10

For Fixing Moisture Sensitive Natural Stone and Green Marble

Order code: Carter-Dal 40/10


For fixing moisture sensitive natural stone and green marble which are  susceptible to edge curling and moisture expansion during installation.

Use over screed of  SDB 400 Admix and SDB 425 Mortar shown under screeding for tile and stone section.


Negates the need for flammable solvents previously used in clean up.

Cleans with water.


Guaranteed to stop curling during installation of water sensitive marbles.


Superior bonding


Preferred choice for  white and light coloured marble and natural stone material.


Resistant to chemicals

Strong for longevity in installation.

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